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In mediation, I assist people to resolve disputes by helping them communicate productively and peacefully, and by helping them explore alternatives and compromises. Our goal is to reach a solution the parties themselves have designed, without the expense and stress of going to court.  Sometimes cases are resolved in one session, but most take several sessions to allow parties to think things over and gather information.

When I am mediating, I do not function as anyone’s attorney; I must remain neutral. Although I cannot give legal advice, I can give legal information which helps parties formulate the issues, understand the law and navigate the legal system. Because of my experience and background, I can often help parties see alternatives and solutions, perhaps ones that have worked for other people, that they may not be able to see themselves. I will help parties identify information they need to gather, questions that need to be answered, and decisions that need to be made.  We will look together at court forms that will be used.

Sometimes a previous court order will require parties to attempt mediation before returning to court. I am very comfortable mediating in those situations and have been able to help people when they thought there was no use even trying.

My style of mediation depends upon the situation. I primarily use facilitative methods, but I will use elements of evaluative mediation if it will help the situation or if the parties ask me to.

Picking a mediator is something clients should consider carefully.  Currently there is no licensing for mediators in Alaska so it is important to select a mediator with training and expertise in the pertinent area of the law. Personality and style are important to ensure a good fit.  Call and interview me.

Mediation can be extremely helpful and I believe should be considered by everyone. Excellent general information on mediation can be found at the Professional Mediators of Alaska website.