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Preparing for our Appointment

Consultation Appointment:

I believe informed clients are the best clients. Even if you have hired, or will eventually hire, an attorney to handle your case, you must stay involved in the process. You must monitor what your attorney is doing in your name. Important decisions will ultimately be yours. It is your life, your money, your children, your safety, your self-respect, etc.

Before we meet please:

  • review the statutes and information on the Family Law Self-Help Center website.
  • be ready to outline the basic facts of your situation so that I can get up to speed quickly. You may want to prepare something in writing for me to read.
  • have questions outlined, for yourself, that you want to make sure are answered in our appointment. (Remember, ultimate questions like ...what will I get in a divorce? have no absolute answers. I can only give you my read on the situation as you present it to me.)

Mediation Appointment:

When we talk on the phone we will discuss how my mediations proceed and your specific preparation.